Friday, May 18, 2012


Second day and a second chance,
Waging the battle with a depleted stance,
Yet fresh of hope and a handsome energy,
The Warrior goes on, declining the nature's mercy.

Ooops, I am not writing a war saga, if that's what you are imagining. Rather I am talking about the battle that's going on day and night in our lives, the battle of nerves, the battle of strength, and the battle of power. The lust to win has been inherited by the warriors of the modern era, leading to bloodthirsty war-fields all across the human existence. Isn't it unnerving to realize that none of us are happy, even though all stories are supposed to "they lived happily ever after."

Stories are fake, and so is life. Then why waste our peace of mind pondering over the matter of survival. Survive we will, 'cause the soul never dies. It's the soul that guides us on our journey, towards the eternal quest that we are finally destined to. Money, fame, power will come and go, they are mere obstacles in our paths to attain pure pleasure. Should we refrain from it?

And here lies the big question? Can we refrain from it, specially in this die-hard world of cut-throat competition. If we abstain ourselves from these material goods, wouldn't life tend to be meaningless and worth living? Wouldn't we be a failure in the eyes of others?

But should we look at the world from the eye of others? Why do we have two eyes of our own? Live your life the way you would like to. Forget the worldly ambition, and listen to the desire of your souls. Try to be happy, 'cause that's the greatest emotion gifted to man.

Live your life, and die for the life you would love to live....

And after this serious thought, here is an attempt to portray Green Speck on Paint.

Quite a novice concept you would say, but then life is all about learning. Probably, the next attempt would be slightly better.

Live your life and enjoy the day :-)


  1. Wow! What an interesting post once again! Just so true. People aren't aware of how to live life, they just get into competition to win, life is a game, one wins, and other loses, nothing more. So, we should live the life just the way we want, not what others want, just be yourself and enjoy life ;)! speck looks so adorable :D

  2. Thanks Dark Angel...but Green Speck needs to go through lots of transformation before its ready to face the world :-)