Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Moon Will Shine, One Last Time

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Showering me with her silken glow,
Amid the myriad clouds that float,
Within the long lost maze of towering shore,
The rays will dance in the silent dark,
I craned my ears and heard a weeping lark,
Hooting at a distance, crying of its solitude,
Confined to its fate of poverty and destitute.

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Hugging the glittering dusts that fly by,
The leaves are dry, yet full of mirth,
Basking in the pleasure of this new found worth,
Droplets stream down the frozen flakes,
Myriad tears that find no escape,
And yet the valley walks its way,
And yet the mountains rise and sway.

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Over and above the reddish jewels,
The flowers announce their passion play,
Bees and birds resting on the petals, and paving the way,
The bright red glow disappears thereafter,
The tinge of darkness inviting the hunter,
Tomorrow the land will turn out barren,
The scent of daisies will be a poisonous terrain.

Tomorrow the moon won't rise again,
Neither will there be the setting sun,
The stars will rise and fall down in waste,
I had to hurry, I had to haste,
I was too late though, my world was falling apart,
Engulfing me in its failure, urging me to resign and depart,
The moon will shine but not for me,
'Cause I will be long gone, burning in the promises of thee.


  1. I read a poem when I was small, don't remember its name, yours look a lot like that one, but way better, the use of words, the rhythm in each sentence, a complete work. Should I say this is too good? That's not the word to describe this actually, so I just wanna say, this poem is a masterpiece. Mindbogglingly awesome! Though I don't wear hats, but hats off to you for another creation! :)

  2. wow.thanks a lot 4 ur wonderful words :-)

  3. So intense,raw and powerful.The concern,the known fact,the hurry all seemed so real.Loved it!

    1. Thanks Alcina. Thanks a lot for your appreciation :-)

  4. Masterpiece indeed sir. Cherishing hope with such magical linguistics is inspiring. You've got yourself another fan.