Monday, May 28, 2012

Power of the Curse !!!

How many of us think our life to be a curse? How many feel that the repeated failures are unfair obstacles on our quest for success, when there are hell lot of other success stories around?

How many visualize their lives to be portraits of complete loss and despair, failing to recognize the solutions but rather dwelling on the unwanted questions?

It's quite normal to be dejected when you fail, quite obvious for you to shed tears when your heart breaks, and very true of you to admit your losses when you can't kiss victory.

It's then that the question arises, "What next?"

I was, in this sultry lazy summer, watching a movie yesterday named Penelope. I am not a crazy movie buff, but yes I love to watch movies that are good and engrossing on quiet Sunday afternoons. While surfing the net for movie titles, I somehow came across this name which was sort of unheard of. The story looked compelling and I got a DVD of it to savor the motion picture.

The point I would like to illustrate here is the same that was depicted in the movie. Towards the end, it really gave a very nice message that went something like this - "It's not the power of the curse - it's the power you give the curse."

So true it is. We all think of our problems as troubles, why can't we think of them as bubbles, which we can swiftly blow away whenever we want?

Life in itself is a delicate moving bubble, we don't know when the bubble will be pricked and in an instance it would all be over. Why are we then burdening it with heaps of  miseries, doubts and problems? Why can't we ignore the curses that we believe to be possessing, making them powerless?

We know the answer to all our problems, don't we? However, we ignore the solutions 'cause they appear to be impractical and unrealistic at times. They seem naive and childish and useless.

But aren't they worth a try? Don't we all deserve to live peacefully and happily? We earn money, we buy riches, we do what we want, then why can't we eliminate our problems and troubles that haunt our lives?

Problems grow only as big as we let them grow. Ignore them, and they will leave.

Try it. Trying is free :-)

P.S. The movie I am referring to is linked below. It may not be a great one, but it did give me the message that really struck a chord in my soul.

                                                                                     (Image Source: Internet)

After all, It's not the power of the curse - it's the power you give the curse.

Live your life, and Love your life :-)


  1. "After all, It's not the power of the curse - it's the power you give the curse"
    Something I never thought about much, but felt at times that life is just like a bubble! so true. You just pointed out the things which we just overlook, or maybe we try not to look at them. I would surely check out this movie. The name sounds good to me :)
    Nice post, quite refreshing in the midst of such humid weather!

    1. indeed is fragile, and the same time precious. So rather than cribbing about the worries, why don't we indulge ourselves in the gifts that it offers each day :-)