Thursday, April 19, 2018


They reached Quilon by noon.

"Welcome aboard," the Captain greeted.

Backwaters! She felt at home.

The houseboat waded along Astamudi Lake. Suddenly, a thunderstorm erupted out of nowhere. With no time to anchor, the boat overturned.

The crew hung on to their life jackets. Her husband was caught unaware, and struggled to stay afloat.

She swam faster, and brought him on shore. Her husband was unconscious, but he would be fine.

She was, however, worried he would know her secret. The mermaid had to dry herself before he regained consciousness, so that her tail would again turn into legs.


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  1. Hah, that's a surprise ending. loved it :)

  2. That’s a unique twist, Amrit. I would’ve never guessed the mermaid among the sightseers on a boat!