Tuesday, April 03, 2018


"Where did you get this money from?"

She didn't reply. She wanted peace after a hard day's work.

His husband had other plans though, "Did you steal from my wallet?"

Her eyes welled. Her strength didn't.

"Remember Rock Garden we visited last month? It was created from trash. Rubbish like you. A good for nothing woman, staying in the house and stealing my money."

"These...these are mine. I earned them," she retorted, loud and clear.

He was shocked.

"Remember Rock Garden? Trash can be beautiful too."

The home made pickles in her kitchen counter were ready to be delivered.


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PS: While I was wondering over what to write for Prompt 'C', my wifey, Anusha, came to the rescue and suggested me the idea for this post, which I penned down. Thanks wifey.

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  1. The husband sounds like a really horrible guy, glad she pushed back a little.