Monday, April 02, 2018


"I'm glad I am out of Bhagalpur. Phew! I'm born to reside in a big metro, and not some small town."

I heard a haughty voice on the opposite side of my train berth. I leaned. A young lady, clad in gorgeous silk saree, was demeaning her ancestral place among her friends.

I couldn't stop myself. "Ma'am, excuse me, but your saree is beautiful."

"I bought it from a mall in Noida. It's the world famous Tussar Silk." She boasted.

"Do you know where Tussar Silk Sarees are manufactured?"

"No," She shrugged.

She watched dumbstruck when I answered, "Bhagalpur."


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  1. I think people forget where they are from once they go out of there. It's sad, but true. Then again, there are towns so big that one may not realize there's something special at some place there. :) No need for derision though.

  2. Ha, that put him in his place quite neatly :-)