Tuesday, April 24, 2018


"You do like Rajasthani history, right?" she asked.

He smiled.

A boat ride on Lake Pichola seemed a perfect start to their post engagement vacation.

"I am glad our parents agreed," she sighed, relieved.

He came closer, and hugged her. The pristine lake reflected their bond in glittering hues.

Suddenly, the reflection changed. Image of a Maharana of Udaipur, and his Rani, who looked exactly like them, appeared on the lake.

He recognized the Maharana. He had read how much he loved his wife, but their marriage failed.

Was history showing him the future?

The dilemma enveloped their silhouette.


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  1. I can see that lake - and not just because I've been there.

  2. Quite an interesting write up. May be history shows some kind of guide but I believe its better to move forward. We should have determination on our present so that the past can never haunt us.