Thursday, April 05, 2018


"Camera Photography - Rs 100."

"You hide the camera in handbag. No one will know," said the husband to his wife, standing outside the Kerala Folklore Museum, Ernakulam. They were celebrating their honeymoon in Kerala.

Once inside, she took out the camera.

"Stand in front of that statue," he clicked.

"Why don't you pose with that weapons cabinet?" she flashed the camera.

Delighted, they came out, "We saved 100 bucks. Let's check the snaps."

They scrolled through the pictures, shocked. None of the artifacts  were captured.

Instead, all the pictures had a common background, the signboard - "Camera Photography - Rs 100."


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  1. Amrit your writing are crisp but so meaningful....

  2. Hahahaha - the ghost of the ticketing counter.