Wednesday, May 18, 2016


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I held my head
clasped both wrists
gazing at the machine
rolled my fists
birds on the sill
were smiling sly
the fish of aquarium
offered me a chai
Escape and Enter
the keys I pressed
screen remained white
my irritation no less
hung hung hung
'this system is a dung'
rage filled my mind
and also poor lung
my cloth once white
now reeking in sweat
I took my decision
on the laptop's fate
it had made me cry
it had got me red
I threw it out the window
laptop, you are dead

to enjoy this victory
I rushed to the street
when a strange voice called
freezing me on my feet
the laptop was panting
breathing its last
it seemed to be crying
yet speaking out fast
"oh you foolish human
you take me for granted
one moment I am your pal
you regard me most wanted
I toil for you non-stop
your friend, companion and all
and yet you don't hesitate to curse
when thus sick I fall
is this the reward of my service
to die on this lane
you may not think of me as living
but am not devoid of pain
mend your ways, o human
you have already killed Mother Earth
machines are now the only ally
before it's too late, realize our worth"

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  1. It's a sad day when we have to give compassion to machines, when nature is dead.

  2. Infernal machines! It is very tempting to throw them out the window when the dreaded screen freeze happens..if only they din't cost so much and contain so many of our thoughts!

  3. A poignant one.. Which shows man greed... They are unhappy with what they have and are always in a look out for something more... Even if it is at the cost of destruction!

  4. What to do? People don't realize low death of Mother Earth. Well worded.

  5. i like this personification of the laptop. perhaps we have taken machines for granted. without machines (computers, switches, , robots) the world will grind to a halt.
    i smiled at your poem, but it tackles a very serious subject. and yes, all these dead machines are messing with mother nature. :(