Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App

What are apps for? To make our lives smoother, easier and a lot more relaxing. Well, we do have a number of apps in the market that can be downloaded as per our needs, but don’t we all need that one app that we can really regard as our own, something that will serve us in multiple areas as per our needs, benefiting us in ways more than one.

‘My Airtel App’ serves the purpose. Its multiple features can make your day, providing you with options galore that turns your day to day activities into pleasant tasks. There are no rooms for complaints, as the app takes care of a lot of stuffs which otherwise prove to be a headache. As I explored the app, I came across several salient features that proved to be of immense help. Listed below are the three features that really earn this app brownie points, taking it ahead of the race when compared with other apps that promise similar service.

Online payments are in trend. We pay most of our bills through net banking or credit/debit card, using the online portals to fulfil the task. However, are we not worried about the safety of these transactions? ‘My Airtel App’ reduces our concern in this regard. Its brilliantly designed interface to pay online bills is both secure and quick, a perfect combination one would say, and makes payment of bills a lot easier. What is more, I can even store the details of my card for future transactions, leading to less time consumption. Recharging one’s phones or paying bills have never been easier before.

We tend to follow a fixed routine while performing some tasks, like say, we would want to buy a data pack on a particular day every month. However, unfortunately, due to our hectic schedules we miss the date, leading to numerous inconsistencies. ‘My Airtel App’ provides the flexibility to store all our tasks under its ‘I Want To’ option, so that one wouldn’t miss any item as per his planned timings. It’s easy, interactive and gives one the ease to engage in other activities without worrying about duty dates.

We love freebies, don’t we? What if every recharge we did earned us free coupons that could be further redeemed. Wishes are turned to reality with ‘My Airtel App’.  Whenever you do a recharge, you will be rewarded with gift coupons that you can use at multiple stores like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,,,, Archies, VLCC and a lot more. Thus, by spending, one is also earning, which serves as a bonus.

‘My Airtel App’ is a must for every smartphone user. Not only does it make your life easier, it also makes it a lot smarter.

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  1. we live in an era of aps.Sometimes fake ones also appear. your this write-up is nice as all the details are given.