Thursday, February 26, 2015

Find Your Fit With Van Heusen's My Fit

They say finding true selfless love is tough. I say finding a perfectly fitted shirt is tougher. Haven’t we all gone in and out of the trial rooms to find the shirt that complements our body as if it was manufactured for us, but alas, truth is bitter my friend. While some shirts betray us in length, others provide unnecessary width. Some shirts are too loose, others very tight. The same story is repeated in case of trousers, with the waist and height being the major parameters of concern. We eventually have to choose the least unsatisfactory piece, and be content with it. What should we do then? Can there ever be a time when shirts and trousers will complement our body structure?

The wait is finally over. Van Heusen’s latest introduction My Fit provides hordes of customizable options to alter the dimensions of your shirt and trouser as per your body type. Whether you are short or tall, fat or thin, you do not need to lose your sleep over finding the best fit for you. My Fit does it all.

And it’s easy too.

I decided to try out this feature and see if it really works as expected. I walked into a Van Heusen store and requested them to provide me with the My Fit measures as per my body size. Once I had them with me, I ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers from with those details.

The items were delivered to my doorstep within a few days, and trust me when I say this, I have never been more satisfied with the fittings of my garments than on that eventful day when I wore the shirt and trouser that had arrived. Both of them complimented my body type so well that it felt they were tailor – made for me. Of course, they were. The height was perfect, the length and width, the size and style, everything catered to my taste. Whatever I had ordered online, I now had the exact same objects with me, in the desired manner. The material used for clothing was smooth and comfortable. What else would you need?

The My Fit initiative by Van Heusen provides everyone with choices to design their clothes the way they want. Though My Fit is not a customization or a made-to-measure solution, despite it having a few customizable features, it is a solution which helps you find the perfectly fitted shirt and trouser. What you get from My Fit is that warm feeling of wearing something that is so much in sync with your own body. I didn't find anything to complain about. The final product left me pleased and happy, and I decided to go the My Fit way whenever I plan to buy shirts and trousers for me or for anyone. Everytime.

My Fit can be dubbed as a revolution in the clothing industry. This is a concept that we have often wished for, and now that it is finally here, we should make the best use of it. After all, Van Heusen as a brand is known to always take the right steps. This time too, it does the same, rewarding the trust of people and fulfilling their expectations.

Van Heusen is India's No. 1 premium lifestyle brand for professionals. With a rich heritage of 128 years in United States of America, the brand entered India in 1990. Over a period of its 25 years of history in India, Van Heusen has emerged as a fashion authority for the ever evolving Indian professionals becoming the go-to source for the latest in fashion trends as well as for expert advice on what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. Today, Van Heusen is not only the most preferred workwear brand, but also effortlessly straddles entire spectrum of occasions like casuals, ceremonial and partywear.
The brand embodies the positioning, ‘POWER DRESSING’. Van Heusen customers are the corporate leaders for whom elegance and style are not just fads, but a philosophy. Thus the Van Heusen range is modern, minimalistic and timeless in design and is distinguished by high quality. Van Heusen with its distinctive and fashionable range of products helps the corporate leaders create their best impact, as much for his style as for his substance.
Van Heusen has always been at the forefront in the apparel industry by enabling its customers look stylish - be it through its exclusive and trendy designs or through the various product innovations over the years. This brand has always believed in constantly doing something new. Today the brand is on the cusp of unveiling yet another innovation - MYFIT - which addresses a deep rooted consumer need - the need to find the most perfect fitting garment irrespective of how one's bodytype is.

How often has it been that you have walked into an apparel store just to return empty handed because what you liked didn’t exactly fit you or wasn’t available in your size? How many times have you wished that you could alter just a bit of the design elements so that the garment truly reflects your own style?
Each one of us is unique - with different body types. Someone may have a paunch, someone may be shorter or someone may have a longer than usual arm length. For a long time, brands have treated consumers as a set of fixed fits and sizes. As a result, people who don't fall within these specified sets of sizes and fits have to live with the compromise of not finding their perfect fitting garment. Even people with regular body type have to live with the compromises of things not fitting to their taste.
Van Heusen MYFIT changes all that. It's an innovative solution that helps consumer break all these compromises and gives the power in their hands to find a garment that truly fits them - fits to their unique body or to their unique taste.

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  2. That's a thorough post about Van. Bravo!

  3. that's a nice idea by the brand and it also throws light on the increasing competition in the apparel market!

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