Saturday, February 28, 2015

Driving With Quikr NXT

I love cars. Different brands, different colours. - red, blue, black, white, and a whole flurry of shades that appeal to my senses. It doesn’t matter if they are brand new or whether they have been used before by others. What I do care about is driving them, on busy roads, open country side, amidst vast expanses of greenery, or on smooth textured highways. I want my car to be strong, beautiful and sustainable.

I have this whim of changing my four wheelers and buying something new after every three or four years. However, I also need options that are affordable, and thus Quikr NXT provides me the best platform as per my needs. One can browse it on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, as it is compatible with almost every device. Thus, you are always in touch with the latest sales and offerings, and can zero in on the one that attracts your attention.

I have a Maruti Alto that’s running since five years now. I decide to replace it with some other models to get a completely different feel. I log on to the Quikr NXT site, and select my City. After that, I click on the Cars and Bikes option. It immediately gives me a list of the Popular brands that are currently in trend, and also provides me the option to minimize my search by being specific with my needs. I want to try out a diesel car, and thus I click on ‘Fuel Type – Diesel’ option.

The options are galore. There are buyers looking for sellers, and vice versa. I make a few selections and then contact the respective sellers via chat. Quikr NXT gives me the comfort of not sharing my mobile number and yet interacting with the sellers, which I feel is a great initiative. I am impressed by a model of Figo Titanium and decide to go with it. I also need to sell my current four wheeler. Thus, I click pictures of it and post the same with details on the site. In a short time, I am contacted by interested buyers.

In just a few clicks I am able to replace my existing car with another model. It’s thrilling because I get to experience a whole new drive in an affordable budget. Plus, I can interact with the sellers and the buyers and clarify all my doubts. It’s the flexibility that Quickr NXT offers that makes it one of the best choices in the current scenario to replace and exchange your stuffs.

Quickr NXT is a revolution that brings a complete 360 degree shift to the way things are being sold and bought from others. It’s compatible features, along with the wide range of options that are exhibited, makes it the go – to destination for all your regular replacing and exchanging needs.

This is my official entry to Get a better Car with Quikr NXT! Happy Hours organized by Indiblogger in association with Quikr.

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  1. All the best, Amrit!

    In real, I presume you must be a car lover. :)