Saturday, December 20, 2014


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"Sir, can we travel to the stars?"

"They are meant to be watched, watched from a distance."

"Err ... from this wheelchair that life has gifted me?"

There was no pain in his voice; instead, a glimmer of hope, and a refreshing passion adorned his eyes.

"Sir, I may not walk ever again, but I will definitely sprout wings and fly, someday."

This Micro Fiction is shared with Five Sentence Fiction - Glimmer.


  1. A very good glimmer indeed~ Well written

  2. Sometimes a tiny little glimmer of hope is all we need. Lovely Amrit!

  3. This sense of absolute, unlimited freedom is what propels man to surmount all internal and external obstacles. I cannot speak enough about your writing skills. But more than that it is the way you think that gives me glimmer of the soul that resides within. My blessings are with you.

  4. A beautiful inspirational hope :-)

  5. Really positive, Amrit.
    I remembered Avatar movie. Fiorst he was on wheelchair. Then, he walked again :)

  6. Love the sheer optimism in this.

  7. Today the protagonist is on a wheelchair. Next he can walk and his ambitions will soar to take him to great heights. A writing of hope and faith .

  8. And, he will fly with his hopes, with his ambitions.. Well written Amrit :)