Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Hunger - Free Classroom

We were lucky we could go to school and complete our formal education. We made good use of our education, and the knowledge acquired, and have woven dreams for a better future. I wouldn't be wrong to say that we belong to the privileged section of the society who have the luxury to take their education for granted, adopting it into our daily routine and going with the flow.

However, often we forget that there is another segment of the society that dwells in deprivation. Go to a roadside eatery or dhaba, and there is a high chance of your meal being served by small children barely in their teens. In fact, you can even find kids aged ten or younger, doing the dishes, cleaning the tables and carrying the food around.

You can't blame the children. They are poor, and education isn't their primary necessity. Food is. One simply cannot study with hunger creeping across the souls like a deadly virus.

Though several initiatives have been launched by the Government regarding free schools for underprivileged along with meals, lack of dedicated resources plays spoilsport. However, we can not rest the entire blame on the Government. We, as noble citizens, should take up the responsibility of spreading education among poor children. Sure, we all are busy in our day to day activities. We do have work, family and other priorities, but a couple of hours a week isn't too much to ask for.

For example, we, along with our neighbors, can start up a basic schooling system for these kids. We can divide our time, and via a rotational policy of teaching, can impart education in an easy and effective manner. The results will be encouraging if the children are provided food along with their studies, and in this way, we can motivate the rest of the population to take up this cause and work towards it.

Every problem has a solution, and it's upon us to find it. Classroom hunger is a big nuisance, but it can be eliminated if we all unite and work hard towards it. Children are, after all, the future of tomorrow. If we can share the gift of education among each and every children, it will only guarantee a promising tomorrow.

And not only the kids, but we too would have earned a great satisfaction. We can wake up every morning, and smile in the mirror with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing fully well that we are playing our part in making India a hunger free, education rich nation, a perfect recipe for development.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


  1. Amrit, you are truly an altruistic soul. Such a good cause and a heartwarming post!

  2. We have all the solutions, w just need to implement it and learn to put others' needs before our wants. Good Luck!

  3. Food is the basic necessity, rightly said. Wish this campaign bring more people to support this cause and lesser and lesser hungry kids.

  4. My comment disappeared ... o, well, maybe it wasn't meant to be ... Love, cat.

  5. A very poignant point put across... Which makes me realise again that we are so lucky!
    Good one!

  6. My heart bleeds when i see kids working in dhabas, serving people with their tiny hands and running errands. Child labor has to stop. Educations and effective food management in schools system is the key.

    1. I agree Ankita. There has to be a stop to these soon.

  7. Amrit, such a heart warming blog. Your sincerity flows through every word. I am with you and surely love to do something which will bring a smile on the lips of education starved children. However, initiative like this has to be taken through community development programs which are completely non-existent in our country. Of course, there is the famous Teach India Project. And I am very curious to go visit one such class some day. Regards

  8. yes we all got to unite for a good cause to ban poverty and where every kid gets its right to live learn and grow in a peaceful beautiful and happy surroundings!! writing such matters and bringing to the notice of many and at least able to awaken a few minds itself to act to bring a better world for kids is also a GREAT SOLUTION!! keep writing!!