Sunday, September 17, 2017

Watermelon Diaries - Episode Nine

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The knock was loud, and the third one broke the door.

Three policemen barged into the house, revolvers held firmly. They looked right, then left, and then again right, and walked briskly towards the rooms. I, behind the shadowy confines of the living room sofa, recognized two of them.

"Ma'am, stand up!"I heard a booming voice coming from the kitchen. Probably, that's where my mistress was hiding, but her cover had been ruined. There were a few rapid whispers, probably conversations over a mobile phone, and in a couple of minutes, two lady officers made their way inside.

"Please, I am innocent. I didn't rob the bank," I heard my mistress pleading.

"Ma'am, we never said we are here for you. We are looking for a dog, a young chihuahua. However, you made it clearer, instead. What makes you think we suspect you of robbing the bank?"

There was an uncomfortable silence, and then, my mistress's wail zoomed into the air.

"Please, forgive me. I was helpless.I made the mistake. But I had no other option," she cried.

"And may I know why there was no other option?" an officer asked, mimicking her.

"I...I didn't want my chihuahua to get the money."

Her words felt like a bolt of lightening. I have served her for so long, been her companion since months, and yet, this is how she behaved? She used to say she loved me. Then, why all of a sudden she didn't want me to have the money?

And how did she know I was planning to rob the bank?

A lady police officer echoed my thought, and asked her the same question.

"I actually saw him roaming round the bank since the last few days. He was very observant, looking at every nook and corner, the windows and doors. I suspected that since I didn't pay him to buy the watermelons, he might take this route. And look, wasn't I right? If he had the money, he would become indisciplined, and no longer obey my orders." she tried to reason.

"Sir! Sir! We found the money. It was hidden under the mattress." I heard a voice filled with excitement hurrying across the bedroom.

"Ma'am! You are under arrest. You broke the law, robbing a public bank, looting the money deposited by citizens of this country, causing inconvenience to the society. Plus, you didn't let your pet have his watermelons, which made the innocent creature plan of such an extreme step. You have to come with us to the police station."

Tears welled in my eyes. My heart broke a hundred pieces, each of them cracking again in a thousand ways. She was my family. This was once my home. Now, no more. I was alone, all over again.

Through my mist stained eyes, I ran out of the door, as fast as I could, to escape from myself, and from this bitter truth.


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