Sunday, September 03, 2017

Watermelon Diaries - Episode Eight

By the time it was noon, I returned home, only to be greeted by my mistress's sharp words.

"Where were you all of yesterday? I had to buy four mangoes, two peaches and six bananas myself."

I went and sat besides her. That's what I always did, whether she was in happy mood or foul. I didn't know where else to go. This has been my home since long.

She patted my back and I licked her feet. The familiar scent greeted my nostrils, but, there was something different. I could sense the blocks amiss. What was fate hinting at?

I focused, and recollected the events of the past few hours. The bank, the empty vault, arrival of police, and me sniffing the ground, acting innocent.

There! Like a bolt of lightening it struck me. Hard! A little too hard for my liking.

Before I could assemble my thoughts, and complete the puzzle, I heard the sharp wail of siren. It was the Police Car. It could only mean one thing.

I have been chased all this while.

I panicked. I didn't want to go back to that jail. They didn't serve any watermelons there. I scurried for cover, behind the shoe rack, underneath the cupboard, beneath the bed. However, my confusion turned into conviction as I saw my mistress too going through a similar palpitation. She was sweating profusely, was running helter skelter, and muttering, "Why is the Police coming? Have they found out? Oh My God?"

It all became clear now. The scent, the bank, and home.

The puzzle had completed itself.

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