Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DeoRebon: All About CintholDeo Stick

Cosmetics & Toiletries are necessary to use in today’s city life. In last few years consumer health awareness has increased tremendously around the world. World is largely growing focus on health issues, cosmetics and toiletries in the media and increasing investment on the same.

Over the past few years, cosmetics and toiletries manufacturers have taken advantage of the expanded global health and wellness trends by launching a range of hair care products, which contains vitamins, and providing deodorant for men online.

Cinthol, a brand with legacy, has continued to reinvent itself with the changing times. The market scenario has changed a lot. With it Cinthol too has upgraded with their soaps formulation, product mix and packaging which suits the need of new generation consumer. It has introduced an all new range of soaps, talcs, deos, deo stick, deodorant for men and shower gels in different varieties with colorful packaging. It’s a brand which today's youth can relate to.

Cinthol has launched its deostick for men which is soft on the skin and has three times lasting effect when compared to others. Thus, it becomes an automatic choice for most.

Cinthol rush deo promises safety to the skin, and doesn't contain alcohol. It can be used for long lasting fragrance that will make one feel good about himself.

Cinthol provides deo stick online, an easy way to get the pack loaded with freshness. As a brand, Cinthol has already set a benchmark. With these innovative products, it promises to further deliver as per consumers' needs.


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