Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quoting You

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may I quote another writer
but hey, with my name
you will say I'm wrong
but what if I've no shame

words will no longer matter
'cause time isn't our mate
who cares who wrote what
when being lost is in our fate

I can copy your prose
and plagiarize him and her
your poem shall be my piece
your name, a mere blur

a cheat, no I am not
but yes, I can't rhyme at whim
hence, when in need of lines
why shouldn't I steal your dream

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  1. I know many who write a personal message that they have used my work and hope I won't mind. I guess, I have accepted it now.

  2. Plagiarism is something I can't stand in blogging. I have had people copy my entire posts and put it up on their blogs with the same image and same title. And they claim it to be their original work. It's so terrible.

    Some ask my permission before using it else where. And that is decent.

    1. Plagiarism should never be encouraged. I agree with your words :-)

  3. It is sad but those who does this no longer think so!

  4. That's unfair. Wish everyone is original and nice.

  5. It is Unfair and yet so common..most of the times , we are unaware of who is stabbing behind our back

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  7. Your imaginations are splendid,Amrit.Beautiful.