Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mistake / Retake

can I have a share
of a mistake with a retake
so that I no longer fear
the consequences of my stake

no more hiding in the kitchen
or a corner for that matter
I shall be loyal to my deeds
not worry what's thereafter

my heart I would follow
and explore all around
I won't be shackled to chains
I hate being thus bound

if rights could be re-done
and wrongs undone
if corrections were justified
and faults dipped to none
we wouldn't have shied away
from learning what's new
we might not have lost our way
stranded without a clue

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  1. That's so rhythmic and in it's own way so beautiful Amrit :) Loved it. You have woven the ifs and the dilemmas impeccably :) :)

  2. I think we learn from errors.. it's just the pain of being burned and the afterward scarring... great thoughts.

  3. Oh. I do wish we could redo rights and undo wrongs, but it seems to happen vice versa mostly. The dilemma of life quite nicely penned, GS.

  4. I like the form you chose for this, with its rhythm and rhyme......so many if only's in this life........well said.

  5. Mostof the times, we don't get a second chance to undo our errors and the effect they had in the victim's life. That is irony indeed.

  6. we learn from our mistakes... Well penned... :)

  7. Such a beautiful thought, well penned

  8. Wonderfully written Amrit!


  9. Beautiful post here. Well written Sir.

  10. No more hiding. That's what acceptance can do. :)

  11. If only... I wish!

    I loved the flow and rhymes in it... :)

  12. Wow. I love this. Excellent take on the prompt!

  13. The magic of your pen, Amrit! :)
    So thoughtful of you! If only mistakes were acceptable and an inspiration to correct those...things would have been different.

    Thanks for participating :)