Wednesday, July 08, 2015

UC Cricket, For Lovers Of The Game

We often feel the need to surf the internet on our smartphones, in home, office or when we are out. It’s the best way to pass our time and also gain knowledge. However, to access internet in a proper manner on our mobile devices, a well designed browser is of utmost importance. We do not need a flashy browser, or one with lots of extravagance. What we need is a tool that will make our surfing experience easier, economical and quicker. In that regards, UC Browser truly fits the bill.

US Browser is fast, very fast, and the best thing is that it works seamlessly even in 2G speed. Surf any site, the pages will load in an instance. UC Browser also comes packed with UC Cricket, which is a blessing for a nation with innumerable Cricket lovers, me being one of them.

UC Cricket provides a viable alternative to people like me who may not have the convenience of being in front of the TV every time a match is in progress. Work commitments leave us little time to actually sit and watch hours of cricket on the big screen. However, being die – hard fans, how can we think of staying aloof when a crucial encounter is going on? UC Cricket answers our needs. It displays the current status of the match, including scores, wickets and individual performances of batsmen and bowler. The details have been taken good care of, and the comprehensive analysis is commendable. The ball by ball report is an icing on the cake, adding more feathers to this brilliant browser. Never again would you miss a single instance of the match. The excitement and the adrenaline rushes right into your mobile screen.

The last time India played a Cricket match, I was engrossed deep in work. Even though I wanted to watch the game with my colleagues in the recreation room, it wasn’t possible due to the bundle of tasks that were pending from my end. It was at that moment when someone suggested me UC Cricket. I already had the app on my phone, as I did my web browsing through it. I turned it on, and was instantly transported to the game. With regular feeds coming onto my screen, I could now be connected to my favourite sport and work on my assignments at the same time. I no longer had to leave my desk to watch the game elsewhere. It was right on my mobile browser.

UC Cricket is the perfect integration to UC Browser. For Cricket fans it is a blessing in disguise. They say that the world is at our fingertips. I am not sure of the world, but Cricket news for sure now rests on our fingertips. Live matches and videos, it has everything, and once you start using it, you are destined to fall in love with it.

Check the official pages of UC Browser and UC Cricket here:

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