Thursday, July 09, 2015

Honey Diet

With summer reigning at full force, how can one stay away from the delicacy of desserts? Ice-creams and brownies are the flavours of the season. The taste buds know no bound, and with sweetness layered in your food, you cannot but help control the advent of excess weight. We all love to savour such mouth watering dishes, but most of the time what we consume leads to junk, harming our health and the entire well being.

With the scales of the weighing machines racing to numbers that create panic in our minds, we often resort to means that lead to loss of weight in a real quick team. We opt for crash diets to gain instant results. However, while we wish to ‘look’ fit, we forget that we also have to ‘stay’ fit, causing adverse effects on our bodies.

We go for crash diets ‘cause we believe they offer reduced calories. However, we neglect the fact that crash diets devoid our system of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, the vital components of health. Due to this, we get weak and may also fall sick. What’s the use of embracing such a system that will cause immense harm to our body in the long run?

A balanced diet is thus preferred. Not only do we get our daily supplement of energy, but it also leads to fitness over a long period of time. We do not feel tired after a few hours of work, and can strive for that extra mile in our avenues. A balanced diet contains the key ingredients that we should eat on a daily basis, focusing on long term gains in instead of shorter ones.

Now, what if a balanced diet is both nutritious and tasty? Pure bliss, correct? Dabur Honey presents Honey Diet, that not only lures your senses but also keeps you healthy, fit and fresh. Honey has innumerable benefits, and can be eaten with several different varieties of food. It aids in controlling weight, ensuring that you do not gain the excess fat. Honey has lesser calories than sugar, but contains a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals that help in the overall development of the body. It is easily digestible, and is a great source of energy.

Honey is not only a good food product, but can also be used as a medicine. If you are suffering from cold or cough, a few tea spoon of honey is what you need, and in no time you will be up and running. Honey when applied to skin increases glow and shine, and can also be used as a beauty product.

Honey Diet is thus a perfect way to start, continue or end your day. A daily dose of honey will make summer all the more beautiful, brighter and fitter.

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