Saturday, January 31, 2015

Roy, Pimples And The Treasure Hunt

Life couldn’t have been better, for Roy, the go-getter. While his job paid him handsome, his love life had turned awesome. With a promotion round the corner, Roy had already planned for the summer - a holiday with Janet, his girl, in the beaches of Bahama, soaking the sun, sipping lemonade, in his blue pyjama.

And then like a villain fate intervened, what seemed sunny till now suddenly turned grim, when on a warm Sunday morning he passed by the mirror, the corner of his eyes caught the worst possible horror.

Pimples!!! Roy had got pimples, that hid his cute dimples.


He knew not.


Oh God! Oh God!

He then heard a knock, on his door that was locked. Walking with tears, of doubts and fears, he peeped in through the keyhole. There, stood Janet, with a bouquet of roses whole.

Oops, no way could he face her now.

But she banged the door as hard as she could, until it finally turned into shreds of fragmented wood.

Then, with her mouth covering her face, she evoked a feeling of shock and disgrace. “What happened to you, Roy? Oh my my my!”

He looked into her eyes, and saw a hint of tear. Yet she smiled, perhaps to just make him cheer.

“I think this is it,” declared he, at the end of his wits. How could he fantasise of Bahama, in his blue pyjamas, when in reality life had thrown him into the worst possible dilemma. Wherever he went, people started at his pimples, ignoring his suaveness, his once visible dimples.

His work suffered, his morale hit a low, opinions with boss differed, and Roy’s performance became a no-show.

“I am sorry young man, but you have to leave. The spark in your work is now lost I believe.”

And thus our friend Roy, who once kissed the skies, now lived in sorrows and sighs.

Life, but, indeed is queer. Though it messes up weird, it also paves the way clear.

One night Roy dreamt of a treasure hidden, so real it seemed that even when he awoke, this thought had got him smitten.

“I need to find the treasure, to rub it on my wounds like an eraser.”

Next night he dreamt the same, but with a clarity that changed the game. He now knew the place – a forest by the beaches of Lake Klase, and off like a wind his dream he chased.

He carried a spade, and a saw, and a big bag of food, and then reached the spot in the darkened woods. He made a small circle at the spot of his dream, the excitement in his eyes transporting him to an all new realm.

He dug and dug and dug, when he suddenly felt his spade hitting something soft, he looked deeper, and surprise, surprise, this wasn’t what he had thought.

Instead of gold and diamond and silver sheen, there lied at the spot a pack of Garnier Pure Active Neem. He pondered for a while, and then he realized, to make his life go well, he didn’t need jewels, but a gift that would be wise, something that would boost his confidence and make him rise. He applied the pack on his face, and then washed it with the water of Lake Klase. He returned home with his treasure, happy and delighted, his endeavour gave him pleasure, his morale now alighted.

The next day he woke and ran straight to the mirror. He smiled and laughed on finding no traces of the horror. The pimple was gone, the dimple was back, his happy days returned, he got what he lacked.

Roy invited Janet to a romantic dinner at a chalet. They had wine, some music and even danced to a ballet.

He got back his job, his performance touched the stars, with promotion due next week, the Bahamas holiday is certainly not too far.

Be smart, be aware. Pollution harms your skin, so beware. A clean face will make you glow, good luck and fortune will then seamlessly flow. Adopt Garnier Pure Active Neem and change your fate. My friends, do not wait before it’s too late.

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  1. Cute story! Terrific it is..
    Loved the rhymes in the sentences..


  2. Hahaha.. This seems like the pimple is the biggest problem one can ever face in his life :-P
    Loved the post..

    Good luck for the contest :)

  3. haha! Nice story! Good take on the topic :D