Monday, September 01, 2014


The disagreement was mutual - his opinions opposing hers, while her ideas never found a place in his good books.
And then, as obvious as the summer breeze that knocked at their window panes on tired evenings, the string binding their relationship, sealed in what they call as the bond of marriage, snapped.

Seven year old Joey suffered the dilemma of the worst kind, not knowing whether to go to a new house with his Dad or stay back with his Mom.

Things took a legal turn and the Judge finally gave Joey the right to choose - "With whom would you like to live, my child?"

After a moment of silence, Joey murmured, "I was never taught the answer to this question, neither at home, not in school."

This Micro-Fiction is shared with Five Sentence Fiction - Conflict.


  1. Poor kid in such dilemma.. Well written, Amrit!

  2. Wow...
    The dilemma of the child is nicely captured...

  3. Such an innocent answer by the kid...hope the parents learnt some lesson seeing his dilemma.

  4. such a sad question to ask a child. However, in my childhood days, the answer would have been easy for momma, but even that seems sad to have to choose between parents.
    thank you for your recent visit to my blog, and special thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Some questions should never have to be asked let alone answered.

  6. There is no answer to this dilemma, at any age !

  7. Amrit this is so sad and poignant! The worst experience of a little child.

  8. Oh wow...what an eye-opening answer from Joey...

  9. Oh MAN! This says so much...and so well-said, yes!
    So poor little guy was never taught to "make a decision", huh?
    I never "learned" to make a decision until my life was half over.
    NOTE: I'd choose to stay with mom, and visit with dad. Comfortable at home, friends, surroundings, school, bedroom, etc. He can move when he is 12 or after--or never! HA!

    1. But wouldn't we all prefer to live with both the parents? :-)

  10. Sad. Some answers are only taught by life. Nicely penned.