Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Love was no longer the reason they were together, rather, it was the fear of impending grief that hindered their separation.

What could be worse than tears welling up within you, and yet not finding a vent to express its gratitude to the heart that often melted in memories past?

"Let's just carry on, the way it is, 'cause breaking up would be all the more painful," he said, and she agreed.

Years passed by in monosyllables, dragging along summer, spring, autumn and winter, their beauty lost in the chasm of a deceptive future.

When love ceases to be a passion, and finds itself lost in the cacophony of mundane chores, the cross - roads of fiction confront reality, and often we are posed with the question, the answer to which can never be definite - "Is it the time to let go?"

This Micro-fiction is shared with Five Sentence Fiction - Grief.


  1. Letting go hurts for a few moments, but holding on kills forever.

  2. May be you do not want to let go.....because you are addicted to each has become a routine.....when you think of separation your thoughts can think no more.....the passion always cannot stay forever...but you cannot let go because somewhere you are used to...addicted to that person...cannot live without this it not love then....yes it is love living disguised in day to day world......beautifully written..

  3. What they failed to realize is that holding onto something that is dead will be far more painful in the end that the temporary pain associated with letting go...

  4. Sometimes it is better to vent out all the hurt than just bottling it up and being suffocated...

  5. When we age, our hair may lose it's luster, it's shine. It can become dull and gray. But we have hair dye for that! Thank goodness! Lol! Marriages can also lose their luster and their shine but sometimes you have to keep polishing the stone before you can see your reflection in it and sometimes, it's only worth what you put in it.

  6. There are several relationships like these. They dont realise that the pain of letting go is lesser than the pain of togetherness..

    Good one!

  7. forget what is gone, something better is waiting ahead

    My Entry Courage

  8. Very nice Amrit. Apologies for not having visited your blog since long. Nicely written