Sunday, December 17, 2017

There Was This Moment

there was this moment
that stood by the night
I gazed at the stars
the signs were all right

she held up her glass
the wine shining bright
Cheers! the drinks clinked
my heart flying light

some well thought of words
randomly escaped my lips
I knew she wouldn't know
what this moment means

the breeze played warm music
and I held out my hands
Would you like a dance
She nodded in advance

and there was this moment
when the world turned mute
I could feel her breath
our lips synced to the flute

I prayed for this night
to run well past dawn
her cold fingers brushed
preparing for swan-song

then the stars hid
in the blanket of the sun
our time was up
in red rays of horizon

she ran towards the edge
and flew off the roof
I could see her no more
those memories aloof

a decade and a half
she visited each year
a spirit, or a fairy
her identity unclear

but I did love this moment
though fleeting in nature
and I await another year
for our moment's next chapter

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  1. Ah, the twist in the ending surprised me. This tale is nicely evoked.

  2. of letting go and holding on

  3. Your gently magical tale captured me, Amrit - perfect for Chritmas too...

  4. This is so cool. I enjoyed it more and more as it progressed.

  5. I love the flying off the roof - and the annual visit. Lovely to see you, Amrit. Wishing you the best in the new year.

  6. This sounds like the best of visitors.

  7. You describe the moment with such raw intensity! I can picture those 'cold fingers preparing for swan-song'.. sigh..❤️

  8. I love the flying off the roof and your visit. holiday blessings to you!

  9. Thanks for pointing out our next chapter : )

  10. I like this very much! We all await our next chapter, I think.

  11. and I await another year
    for our moment's next chapter

    Such a wonderful thing to be sharing with someone very dear to oneself


  12. A little bit of magic here...enjoyed the read!

  13. I like mystical writings, a most enjoyable read.

  14. A nice tale & love the image of the sun as blanket hiding the stars....

  15. Beautifully versed.I liked it.

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