Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Me, She And Tata Sky Transfer

I didn’t know her. Neither did she. Fate intervened, and we met.

We talked, we laughed, and yes, we liked each other. The bond grew stronger, sharing our day to day activities, discussing our lives, our future.

We got engaged, and after a few months of wait that seemed endless once upon a time, we tied the knot.

Life was beautiful. Marriage made it gorgeous. With a constant company to share the thoughts and feelings, things were turning out bright. We were the best of friends, the ideal life partner to each other.

And then, fate intervened, yet again.

We bought a new TV. Large screen, LED, with an awesome sound quality and even more amazing picture quality. It adorned one of the walls in the drawing room, shining with its superior looks. It was one of our proud possessions, until the day when we took cable connection.

Our house soon turned out into a battlefield. While she wanted to watch songs, I preferred news channels. I was more into current affairs, while she loved watching updates on Bollywood affairs. “Why don’t you read the news paper?” she asked, changing the channels. “Why don’t you listen to songs on FM,” I retorted, the remote now in my custody.

Cricket matches were interrupted not only by commercials, but also by her daily soaps. She complained that I didn’t let her watch the episodes of Bigg Boss as my favourite News Hour debate was on at that time. And so it continued.

And then, fate intervened, a third time.

I came to know about Tata Sky+ Transfer from an online ad, and immediately showed it to my wife. The idea was brilliant, the execution novel. We realized that if we install Tata Sky+ Transfer in our house, we wouldn’t have to worry about conflicting interests in regards to TV programmes. While my wife can watch her reality shows and movies on TV, I can transfer my favourite News programmes and Sports on my mobile or tab via wi-fi and watch them in leisure. The best thing was that we can both watch our respective shows together. There will be no who-owns-the-remote challenges, nor any competition to sit in front of the TV first. Life would be so much easier. We immediately decided to go for it, and change our TV viewing into a splendid and rocking experience.

Mobile entertainment has an all new exhilarating definition thanks to Tata Sky+ Transfer. Handheld devices will broadcast our favourite shows and channels, whenever we are, wherever we are. I often have to travel almost an hour in bus to reach my office. I can easily watch my favourite shows on my mobile device that time, having recorded them earlier. Long journeys will no longer be boring.

Who doesn’t like to watch TV? After all, everyone has a particular choice of programmes, with our varied preferences of entertainment. As such, Tata Sky+ Transfer is a great initiative that will cater to everyone. It is Television viewing for the future – innovative, easy, and people friendly.

This is my official entry to '#TATASkyTransfer' contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Tata Sky+ Transfer.

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