Sunday, August 30, 2015

For The Foodie In You Now, TinyOwl Is Wow

“Honey, do you know what day it is today?” she asked me on a morning Friday.

I thought and thought, but the day being too hot, my mind grew numb, my memory needed a shot.

I stayed quiet, not knowing if I would speak right.

“Fine. Keep sleeping till nine. You don’t even remember the date, and that’s why you I hate.”

The kitchen banged, the utensils clanged, spoons danced in haze, knives and forks flew in rage.

Oops, it was her birthday, but before I could realize, I had already ruined her day. Her mood was spoilt and her anger boiled.

"On your birthday I shall bake a cake, with your name written on top, and decorations I will make. A lavish meal on the table, my sweetheart I promise, this birthday you will forever cherish," my words rushed back to my mind, the vows I had once made with all flavour and shine.

I made a mess, and thus I had to handle the case, with care and caution, I tried to find a right reason.

"My dear wifey, how can I miss your birthday cutie? I just wanted to give you a surprise, trust me 'cause I speak no lies."

She remained silent, at least that was better than being violent.

Actions speak louder than words, they say. I decided to find out a way. I rushed to the kitchen, and started the oven. Luckily, the ingredients were all in stock, and I had to race against the clock. Delays should no longer hold my path, the cake should make her smile and laugh.

I turned on the LPG cylinder knob and subsequently the stove, and what happened next marred my hope. The flame didn't ignite, something was not right, I lifted the cylinder and realized it was too light.

No gas in the cylinder, couldn't fate be any kinder?

But hey, there was the oven, the cake was baking even. I decided to prepare the meal in it, once the cake turns out beautiful and fit. Minutes passed in lazy hue, the morning threatened to embrace the noon, when finally the cake was ready, soft and mushy. I took it out, placed on the table, decorations were next, my heart now stable.

I inscribed her name in creamy white, the icing on chocolate made her eyes shine bright. She gave me a hug, a peck and a kiss, and I ran back to the kitchen for the rest of her wish.

The meal now left, and I turned on the oven. But hey, why this malice, why this treason? The fans turned off, the lights disappeared, the electricity in our house suddenly acted weird.

A power cut in our locality, and with neighbours discussing loud, I guessed what it was all about. Rain had started in full flow, without an indication of the torrents turning slow. There had been a major fault in one phase, and power supply wasn't expected for the rest of the day. What could I do now? My plan had gone astray, wow!

I was sulking over my failure, when I heard her sweet voice near, "It's ok hubby, don't be sady. You tried your best, do not turn your mood into waste. I shall cut the cake now, and share a slice. We shall sing and dance, and it will be all nice."

She cut the cake, and we did celebrate. And then by the window, we talked and waited.

Finally, after a couple of hours, the skies dried in our favour. We went out for lunch, albeit a bit late, but alas, that was in our fate.

Now, when I look back to that day, I realize things could have turned out in a better way. With TinyOwl app in our smartphones, we could have ordered dishes from the comforts of our home. Just a few minutes, and a click was all needed, and the desired menu would have been served in a plate. No need to wait for the rain to stop, or the sun to hop, we could let our taste buds have fun all round the clock.

The app is Tiny, and attentive as an Owl, and thus using it you would never cry foul. It's a blessing to your cell, and trust me, life would turn to be all well. You do not have to befriend hunger, food will be available just around the corner.

I use TinyOwl today, and will use it in future, 'cause ordering food have never been easier. You can choose the stores, and the menu on offer, there are no hidden costs, a reason for your laughter.

I recommend the app, whether Android or iOS, go download it now. The foodie in you will surely shout 'WOW!'

This is my official entry to 'Food Tales with TinyOwl' contest organized by Indiblogger in association with TinyOwl.

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