Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tie Me Up

(Image: Oleg Oprisco)

tie me up to this autumn
and I shall shed no tear
the soul in me walks afloat
I choose to abandon all fear

when leaves will cry
and the winds shall howl
when rain tries mercy
filling a thirsty bowl
the birds will hoot
and animals roar
I stick to this land
fallen, I soar

tie me up to this solitude
where men don't yearn to tread
the world promises to be better
smiles no longer dread

there will be some music
as the sun sets to the moon
I will dance with the flowers
and bees humming the tune
no worrying the destiny
nor fighting for a share
tie me up to this autumn
my kaleidoscopic layer

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  1. tie me up to this solitude
    where men don't yearn to tread

    Your poem has the quality of prayer or meditation. It strikes deeply to that part of me that wants tranquility.

  2. I love the images you paint, and the emotions in it.. it really is a sort of meditation.

  3. You are amazing. I couldn't write something as beautiful as this.

  4. I find autumn the most beautiful season. Your poem is like a healing charm invoking it.

  5. Oh wow, this is so beautiful and that last stanza makes it so inviting to be there.

  6. Beautiful! Nature ties us up to her and so also your lines.