Sunday, March 06, 2016

That Vacation

Distance makes love stronger, and comes with its share of memories.

We met each other, and something clicked the instant we started our formal conversation of ‘what are your hobbies’ and the likes. Soon after, we were engaged to live forever, and eventually married. However, the distance remained. While I was residing in Gurgaon, she still had to get transfer from her job in her hometown, Bhagalpur, and thus we counted days, hours, months.

Phone-calls started growing longer, and also the urge to see each other again. We were together for about a couple of weeks after our marriage, before we said goodbye to join our respective workplaces. While I was fumbling among the codes in my IT job, missing her every moment, she was counting cash in her bank, waiting for time to pass quickly.

And in times like this, what kept us going were our memories – the beautiful week we had spent in Kerala right after our marriage, our honeymoon and our first holiday together.

There are few things in life that can be compared to the joy of your first holiday with your beloved. Far away from the mad hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we had decided to spend our honeymoon in the relaxing ambiance of Kerala. We swirled through the city of Kochi, lost ourselves in the green mountains of Munnar, and discovered eternal bliss in the serene backwaters of Alleppey.

We visited beautiful locales in the mornings, savouring the fresh aroma of the places. We went to flower gardens, amusement parks, and also enjoyed camel and elephant rides. We tried out different dishes, from the ethnic Kerala delicacies to the other culinary delights that we could find in restaurants, and had our tummies and hearts full. We talked, and laughed, and had the best of times.

On evenings, we used to sit in our hotel balcony, and watch the orange sun slowly going down behind the greenish mountains of Munnar. It was a sight to behold, an experience that we can never forget. However, it was soon time for our return, and the impending distance that would once again crop between us due to our jobs in different cities. We knew that this separation would be just for a short period of time, and within a few months she would get her transfer and join me. Until then, we relished the memories, going back to the wonderful holiday we had, and the amazing time we spent with each other, cherishing each moment of our love vacation.

Thanks to HDFC Life for helping me in creating a scrapbook with memories of my holidays with my beloved:

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  1. Well done, Amrit! So beautifully written. You know, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Keep relishing the memories, that can keep the bond strong. Glad to know that both of you will be together again in just a few months time. Well, I guess this is about you and her. :)

    Loved reading this. :)