Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Doll

it just had one eye
possessed a single ear
it was grounded in dirt
and yet she held it dear

this doll was her favorite
even though she had more
she didn't care for others
it never left her bored

she gave it names
combed its wrinkled hair
washed it with soap
and dried in sunlit stairs

she returned an hour later
then shocked, a rueful cry
the doll was nowhere to be seen
it didn't even bade goodbye


a few miles ahead
his panting growing heavy
yet the boy had a smile
today, his sister would be happy

she had just turned two
while he himself marched to eight
their slum could afford no more
but could he keep blaming his fate

"this is for you, a gift,"
he handed the doll to his sister
she yelled in joy, crying
"Wow! you are the best brother"

the doll, looked, mute
wondering through the night
was this unfair to previous owner
or did the brother do right

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  1. Ah, that another perspective is something we need to know and talk about more often — I really like how you played around with a common thread of innocence and a gentle tale about the haves and the heave nots.

  2. A touching story – albeit a moral dilemma.