Saturday, March 03, 2018

Education - Right And Duty

I came across an interesting article yesterday while surfing through social media sites. It was the account of a daily wage-earner, a single parent, who despite limited means and tough financial conditions, admitted his son to school, took great care of his education (even though he himself didn’t study beyond the fifth grade), and ensured that he fared well in his studies. It was heartening to read how his son stuck by the belief of his father, earning high grades throughout school, high school and university, and is now working as an officer in a reputed Government organization.

We take things for granted, out education for example, but we can never undermine its importance in our lives. Again, in the past, there have been several cases of dropouts due to financial restraints, but owing to the new development in policies, primary education has now been declared as a right for all. Different types of schools, catering to people of all means have come up. Parents are more aware of the value of education, and the students are also growing smarter. The values they imbibe in childhood serve as a base as they grow up.

We can consider education as a triangle, with parents, teachers and students forming the three vertices. There should be mutual coordination among all three in order to have a successful education system. A good school isn’t just enough, it requires good teachers too, someone who can educate and not just teach, someone who can impart values and throw light on the next stages of life. A nascent mind needs guidance, and parents and teachers have equal responsibilities in nurturing a little child. A good understanding between the two is a must for a child to develop.

Schools conduct parent teacher meetings at regular intervals, a platform where they can share ideas and focus on their child. Parents should open up about the challenges they face, and so should the teachers. Education is a goal for them and a journey for the child. With proper care and diligence, the destination can be reached successfully.

There are schools for everybody now. We have public, private and charter schools. There are various models like the non-profit network of Rocketship Education, which follows a teacher-led, technology supported approach to personalized learning that suits the requirement of the students and their parents. Now, one doesn’t need to be rich to send his son or daughter to school. He should just have the understanding and know the value of education, and that is what is expected from all current parents, so that we have a brighter and smarter next generation.

Education is our right, as well as our duty, and we should stay true to both, for us, for our children, and for the society at large.


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  2. ery true,Amit.The parents, teachers and children are triangles, they should be equilateral ones because none's role can be lessened.Good write-up.