Monday, January 02, 2017


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do you hear those voices
screaming from the past
stories of your failures
and how you stood last
they are made of tears
some salty, some bitter
your heart has been in shreds
in garbage, and among litter

but hey, you have learnt
to pick up those pieces
the wounds which once burnt
are now mere creases
through the tunnel most dark
you've kissed the light
hit by hundred daggers sharp
you rose from your plight

no longer should you ever
get bogged down by struggles
remember they are the steps
to multiple victory huddles
you are your strength
the pride forever lasts
do listen to those voices
your triumphs from the past

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  1. Awesome, soul touching lines !!!
    Keep writing

  2. I especially love "through the tunnel most dark you've kissed the light." Beautiful.

  3. Love the optimism shining in "you are your strength, the pride forever lasts, do listen to those voices, your triumphs from the past" Beautifully executed. Happy New Year, Amrit 🍸

  4. So positive..'you rose from your plight' is my favorite here!

  5. Very positive thoughts. Happy new year

  6. Wish! To hear to those voices and not feel shame and self loathing but, courage to move on!Wonderful!

  7. love the rhymes in the poem, a real pleasure to read. plus the subject matter is about hope. :)

  8. Very nice post here. Very positive thoughts. Wish you Happy new year. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  9. It carries so much hope and positivity. Happy New Year. :)

  10. certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.

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